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Originally Posted by Murasaki View Post
I tried playing NWN, but I wasn't into the complex (compared to today games) system, so I dropped. It's not because I liked dumbed down games, but because I don't have much time now to fully engage in a game like this.
It's actually almost the very same system as the KOTOR games, Bioware just masks the underlying system better there. Though I suppose the mages (in particular) in D&D are a lot more complicated than KOTOR force powers (legacy pen and paper fault). Playing a simpler class it's basically like KOTOR though.

That said, I just realized there's another Bioware title. Have you played Jade Empire? It's pretty short, it's 2005 so not that old, and it has a unique martial arts-based combat system (it's set in a China-like environment). It's a pretty good game and doesn't demand heavy investment in time and effort. The story is pretty good, too.

The Witcher is somewhat like it in that they both have "unique" combat styles that involve the player more than traditional pen and paper-originated RPG stat systems.

Concerning Oblivion, I liked gameplay and Dark Brotherhood but not the story
Well that clears it up. I'm of the same opinion.

As for BioShock I am not really into singleplayer FPS.
Got it.

Too bad though. I was thinking if you like it maybe you'd really like Deus Ex. Then again, maybe you'd still really like Deus Ex. Everybody -- and I really mean everybody -- does.

And try Vampire Bloodlines if you can get it. It really is a great game IMO. :X
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