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Yup, evil-samurai (and Vexx), you've got it.

2003: Game is being developed at Navel

December 2003: First chapter of "Days in the Bloom" manga (official/running story) starts running in Comptiq magazine to drum up publicity for the game

January 2004: Shuffle! Limited Edition game is released

June 2004: First of the Shuffle! characters novels is released (other novels every 3 months or so)

July 2004: First tanks of "Days in the Bloom" and "Comics la Carte" (misc. stories by various artists) are released (new tanks every 4-5 months)

May 2005: Shuffle! Anime Prologue DVD is released

July 2005: Shuffle! Anime premieres on WOWOW

September 2005: Tick! Tack! Limited Edition game (Shuffle!-based side story) is released

October 2005: Shuffle! On the Stage PS2 Game is released

So basically, it's all based on the game.

Originally Posted by Wrath88
You know, what some people have said have made me wondered whether they decided to make Tick Tack as a way to appease the fans who weren't happy with Nerine's arc in the anime.
Well, it probably didn't have much to do with the anime. Nerine didn't really have that much more story in the game either, but they probably felt there was a lot more they could do with her character and her backstory.

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