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Originally Posted by willx View Post
^ As someone that works in finance, I think your comments above are a huge stretch. Even in Canada, there is generally a notion that out right-wing parties are typically more fiscally responsible than the left-wing parties and also better for business. Markets tend to go up. He's sitting there talking to a number of financially sophisticated people -- and it's all very likely the truth.

That said, capital flight, isn't an entire misnomer but is applicable in certain situations. Eduardo Savarin for example has his billions and sits in Singapore. Gates, Buffet, Zuckerburg and the rest are happy staying in the U.S. despite the tax regime. There's always much less of a conspiracy than people otherwise think -- cause y'know what? People are selfish.. and distrustful.. and self-involved..
1) There's such a thing as social trends and viral memes. There doesn't have to be active collusion.
2) We have two kinds of ultra-wealthy: ones that remember the peasants have guillotines and ones that don't The former knows that healthy productive peasants are less likely to be a problem than angry peasants with lots of time on their hands and nothing to lose.
2) The "right wing does finance better" flag has been burned to ashes in the US (whether or not the flag wavers know it). They've totally trashed any right to claim such over the last 25 years. Fiscal responsibility is no longer a GOP tag.
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