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Originally Posted by MrProphet
If Strawberry Panic will be the yardstick by which you shall measure shoujo-ai, then I am laughing at your lack of scope.
*shrug* I can't comment on that yet, simply because we've seen next to nothing so far. YOU were the one trying to reduce SP to a primitive tease for yuri-fetish otakus - after a single episode ... and YOU are talking about scope?

It makes no difference whether a show is shoujo-ai or not, the only measures by which I judge a show is whether it is interesting or not, by whether it is beautiful or not, by whether it is innovative or not, by whether it is well-detailed and well-animated or not.
Add "to me" to all this, and I wouldn't even disagree.

You might be thinking differently, and I am not taking away your right to love this show to death, but consider one thing: I am stating MY opinion here that Strawberry Panic is none of those things and by MY own yardstick in is highly mediocre in the areas where it isn't laughingly terrible.
That's fine, nobody is debating YOUR right to feel this way and to express it. Unfortunately, you'll have to live with MY right to point out that your review - which you painted with a very broad brush as universal wisdom and NOT as your personal opinion - was done in an extremely sloppy way, opinionated, and highly speculative. Sorry pal, live with it

I understand the urge to put down opinions you disagree with, but please, restrain yourself, I am not going to frequent this thread. 8)
That's good news
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