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Originally Posted by MrProphet
If Strawberry Panic will be the yardstick by which you shall measure shoujo-ai, then I am laughing at your lack of scope.

It makes no difference to me whether a show is shoujo-ai or not, the only measures by which I judge a show is whether it is interesting or not, by whether it is beautiful or not, by whether it is innovative or not, by whether it is well-detailed and well-animated or not.

You might be thinking differently, and I am not taking away your right to love this show to death, but consider one thing. I am stating MY opinion here that Strawberry Panic is none of those things and by MY own yardstick it is highly mediocre in the areas where it isn't laughingly terrible.

I understand the urge to put down opinions you disagree with, but please, restrain yourself, I am not going to frequent this thread. 8)

Yeah? And what else is there? Please do enlighten me, what the hell else is there in this show besides the yuri fanservice and the multitude of egg-headed clones who differ only by hair color, level of genki-ness and breast size? I am assuming this is what you called "broader in layout".

Do you by any chance consider Negima to be the epitome of anime?
Good for you, thanks for your opnions.
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