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Originally Posted by LostBlue
Originally Posted by Wanderer
Still, perhaps both in this arc and in Tatarigoroshi-hen, it was always just Rena's/K1's friends covering them. Did perhaps Mion move Teppei's corpse in Tatarigoroshi-hen as well? She could have very easilly figured out what K1 was up to.
Most likely this was Shion who did this. Shion intercepted Keiichi's phone call and knew instantly the same situation happened last year. She was in the best position to cover up for Keiichi. Ne-ne + Ni-Ni do think alike ^^;
I noticed it too
Just take a look again on Tatarigoroshi and Meakashi
On Tatarigoroshi "Mion" said "I received a similar call last year" (refering to Satoshi) but from Meakashi we know the one who received this call was Shion. (Even if the "worlds/arcs" are different I'll admit some things are the same)

Shion probably prepared to cover up for Keiichi, maybe she even got help from the girls, Mion and Rena. Who knows...
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