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Originally Posted by Matrim
Er, I think LostBlue was just kidding. Why would Shion intercept that phone call? It's possible, though not that likely that Mion and the rest might have moved the body but I was never a fan of the cover up theory. I just don't think the girls would be that dumb not to inform him about the cover up and leave him think he was going mad.
Then you must indeed wonder what Mion and Rena was about to tell Kei in Tatarigoroshi. Seriously, the anime does a very bad job at these things that some scenes are forgettable. Go watch Higurashi once over again after watching the last episode, and jot down notes.

By the way, you do realize by now that the corpse at the beginning of Tatarigoroshi was Rina right? People here and there wouldn't have wasted their time formulating that was Satoshi when all they had to read were the TIPS.
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