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You haven't ruined anything. Thank you for your hard work. The Chinese subs came out beforehand with no one getting upset over spoilers. Loads of people in Japan bought this and no one complained loud enough to get media attention. In fact, from what I could tell, it sold out.

Similar situation happened in Air Prelude and we survived. By the time you saw those Air TV CMs and Prelude you pretty much had an ideal who Misuzu was. No worries about spoilers from those things being translated. In fact, this special disk had similar style of animation for the teaser. B & W grainy filters with lens flares and interspersed text.

Take a look at my Kanon avatar. It's taken from Kanon Prelude. Yep. It had spoilers in it too. No screams from that one either.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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