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It's kind of touching to finally see an anime that honestly impressed me with its first episode... Lots of average first episodes this season that it's kind of sad... tohohoho...

Very enjoyable! As expected.
It wasn't too eventful, but a few new characters are introduced and the atmosphere is as nice as ever(?). It seems an arc starts next week? Some black-haired woman...

I wonder if it is my imagination, but Horo and Lawrence have been surprisingly close (in a lovey-dovey meaning) ever since the 2nd season... It's fine with me though, but just something I felt...
Horo... So adorable... Awargh... Kawaii!
Her face during her hangover was hilarious!

The sadness of the life spans of different races... (;ω;`)
Happens all the time (in anime)....

OP was... rather disappointing, considering the previous season's great OP. The matching of the song and visuals was slightly bad, and I'd prefer if they showed the new characters more clearly...
ED was also worse than the 1st season's, but it was nice.

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