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Episode 20.

It's only my second time rewatching but only now I started to notice how much different Taiga really acts towards everybody at the start of the episode. She's relatively more civil towards everyone, Ami in particular. It becomes really apparent how much her sacrificing and self-depreciating ways is meant both as a way to protect herself and also as the developmental core of her personality. A self-defeating lifestyle that is latched on to her own experience where, as I had posted on before, she pushes all the good things to others because she doesn't believe herself to deserve any of it. It doesn't take a genius to know that from here on in after her speeches it looks and sounds like she just wants to cry but she doesn't, to keep up the brave facade of surviving suffering.

In the end, of course, she's just breaking herself for other people's sake, when in reality there's enough to go around for everyone, and no one should ever be considered undeserving of happiness.

In that aspect Minorin is almost exactly the same, also putting up her usual genki girl facade to hide the fact that she's sacrificing herself as well. The awkward tension between her and Ryuuji is as thick as galvanized rubber. The way they're both pushing Ryuuji towards the other is both hilarious and depressing because, in the end, you know someone will definitely get hurt.
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