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Episode 20

I'm still convinced that Ami KNEW someone, at least Taiga anyway, was inside that closet. She noticed the towel on the floor and probably knew that was the one Taiga used, and was very vocal about her once again spot-on observations about people. That was the first complete dissection of Minorin in the entire series. Again the tension between people have started to become as thick as rubber despite the facades everyone puts up, and only Ami thinks it that the things unsaid need to come out. It ends with one of the most solid catfights I've seen animated, and it takes both Ryuuji and and Taiga again to pick up the slack and pieces.

Most important is that while episode 19 was the climactic setup, this episode was what got everything tolling towards the conclusion. This was the episode that Ryuuji finally started to realize "holy shit I like this girl" and of course, in her semiconscious state, Taiga finally tells Ryuuji the truth that she's been struggling with for the last 3 episodes.
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