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Episode 22

Goes to show why Ami is the sharpest character in the series, and one of the sharpest supporting characters in anime I have ever seen. And here she's already grazing the surface of the central personality conflict in the entire series: that is, what happens when everyone is sacrificing for each other to the point of self-destruction.

We ran that debate years ago when the series aired. It was rightly pointed out that much of what has been happening was a result of everyone simply being selfless to the point that the road to hell becomes paved with good intentions. When they have each other in mind too much, everything deflects off each other, and no one benefits. It becomes highly evident here as Ryuuji shows that he is very much like that to a fault, when teacher asks what he feels about it rather than what everyone else does. The same question could be posed to the rest of the cast for all other situations. Too much of selflessness is just as bad as too much selfishness. He's just as bad as Taiga.

Lying to themselves and to each other thinking that it'll help the other. The biggest kicker was the complete bald faced lie she told Ryuuji at the end. Here they lie to themselves and each other even though we see right through them. The status is no longer quo, and the cracks have broken. All it needs now is the truth to stop all the falsehoods.

Which we will see next week.
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