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Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
Since Eureka 7 is a mecha, it follows a special trend, the SRW trend. Super Robot Wars is a game that mixes alot of mecha anime into one story and is basically the highest fanservice and most effective advertisement for mecha anime studios. Reaching out to diehard mecha fans like myself and introducing us to more mecha anime.

Everytime SRW features a new series in the lineup of a new game, there's a chance it will be followed by a sequel if not just toys. Notable examples includes Choja Reideen, Dancougar Nova, Gaiking, Evangelion movies, Top wo Nerae!2, you can even include Gundam, Mazinger and Getter Robo.

Eureka 7 has appeared twice in 2 years of SRW as well as ACE3, bringing back its popularity enough to produce a few Robo Damashii figures and this sequel. Aquarion EVOL is also the direct result of this, it appeared in the same 2 SRWs that Eureka 7 did, as well as ACE:R.
I don't think you can include Gundam and Mazinger since they're just always around regardless of any other factor, but maybe you can include Getter Robo. We haven't had a new entry in the Getter Saga since 2004, which is starting to feel like a really long time ago.

Although here's a question, since King Gainer and Big O's popularity seem to have taken off in a huge way again after Super Robot Wars Z does that mean we might be in store for a revival at some point? Both shows just kind of ended inconclusively with the crew walking off into the distance and the cast walking off the set of Paradigm City respectively so I don't see any reason why it couldn't work. They could have a King Gainer that's about exploring the Land of Yapan and maybe they uncover a whole new set of Overmen that sparks a new conflict and for Big O they can just have it take place in a new setting or possibly a new Paradigm where everybodies memories have been revived and the conflict is about something else.
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