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Originally Posted by peinmaximus@ View Post
hey,guys look in link the picture of Eiko in vol.7 which launched late last month.
it appears Eiko in her adult form, navi in vol. whole and I think it will look like in the next vol. also.
we already see it anyway, in chapter where Eiko swallowed by that Zombie Dragon.
But why her horn change color?, Loli Eiko have a pair of cute horn that look like golden orb or hair accessories, but her sexy form have it more like normal-pointed upside-horn with dark color
Originally Posted by KiRa08o2 View Post
In which sense?
Yuuto case:
he want to copulate with Himari, but if he did, he'll strangled to death by Rinko, choked with allergies by Himari's fur, have his dick shriveled down by Kuesu magic, and poisoned by Shuzuku's bite

Ash case:
he want to ride any dragon, but can't since Eiko won't like it, but if he try to ride Eiko, he'll be punished by Student council President, the Princess, and others, since Eiko is the mascot. Leave that aside, Eiko is too selfish and didn't want to be ridden, but riding Ash
And as if it not enough, other girl want to "ride" him too XD
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