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Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
Ride of the dragons. I started this, and now everyone seems to love using it in this thread.
It's a shame Ise from High School DxD is a dragon, he'll be ridden instead.
And we know who would do this lol(...wait she does that more or less in the traing)

Originally Posted by n0m@n View Post
I finished reading the first two volume and half way through volume 3 and it was interesting. The first 7 chapter of manga covers volume 1 of the LN and chapter 8 is the start of volume 2.

There are 4 Titles of those who have Dragons.
People who was granted a dragon larva from the *Mother Dragon* and who successfully gave birth to them. The first title everyone gets if they have a dragon.

Those who successfully made their pal(partner) mature into a *Holy-Dragon*. The second title people can get. So far there are 3 or 4 people at the Academy who has this title(Up to volume 3).

-Ark Dragnar
Those who gained an armor from their *Holy-Dragon* gets this title. They also get special power(?) called Koyu-masou. In the Academy only Rebecca has this title(Up to volume 3). Only a certain number of people has them, and it's very high title.

A title above Ark Dragnar. Seems like the title for the King(Silvia's father).

Also so far there are 3 types of baby dragons.
-Earth Dragon, Aashia. Stands on four legs and has no wings. It is said to look like a big lizard.
-Wing Dragon, Strider. Has two legs and a gigantic wing.
-Water Dragon, Hydra. It has a snake like torso.

The three dragon above then mature and evolve into:
-Holy Dragon, Maestro. So far 5 people only have this dragon at the Academy. Each Maestro has the attribute of "Light" and their former attribute(eg. water, wind, earth). They have a silver white colour. Maestro looks basically the same but with certain difference. Their horn has a different shape. Or the size is different. Rebbeca's Maestro is much larger than others.

Other Dragons
Well I'm only up to volume 3 but there are other dragons who is different from above.
-Mother Dragon
-Necromancia. A dragon created from the Ash of dragon. It has a regeneration ability and gains lots of tentacles like things.
That's interesting thanks n0m@n.
I still wonder what Eiko really is...I mean I know she is a dragon but like yuo say she is not like the other.XD I hope the manga cath up fast.
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