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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
And we know who would do this lol(...wait she does that more or less in the traing)

That's interesting thanks n0m@n.
I still wonder what Eiko really is...I mean I know she is a dragon but like yuo say she is not like the other.XD I hope the manga cath up fast.
Yeah. Eiko seems special. Also it sounds like Eiko is Ash's second dragon because Silvia's dragon seems like it actually belongs to Ash.

Originally Posted by 1upspud View Post
Yeah I read those 8 chapters too, and I'm curious about that guy and girl in the first chapter. If you have any info.
Do you mean the one in the first page of first chapter?
That's Ash and Navi. Navi is like a another conscious of Eiko. I think She says that her appearance is based on Eiko in 5 years time
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