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Spoiler for About Edi:

Okay here are the pics that creep me out about what they did with EDI. I do not know who took the photos, but it is not like Bioware was subtle at all.

Spoiler for Spoiler plus Camel Toe on a robot:

It is ludicrous how far they have gone.


I am sorry, I know I am being negative, but I am approaching anger with Bioware on this one. I mean, lol at getting mad a video game, but this is just sheer milking the players because they know they can get away with it. That is what makes me mad, Bioware will get away with anything at this point.

This was their top studio telling us that they are making the best damn finale that they can for their fans. What a joke.

-Meanwhile, they recycle pictures on the web for characters and background.
-Meanwhile, they cut characters and content from the game and repackage it as DLC.
-Meanwhile, they make the distinction between "long time fans" and "normal fans" and decide who gets what based on peoples' wallets.
-I will not even get into to how very similar Mass Effect's story and plot is with Star Control (3?).

I am so perplexed by the Bioware's actions at the moment. Their eagerness to milk their fans, who have done nothing wrong and could possibly be one of the more loyal fanbases out there, combined with the laziness they have shown in both the writing (lol 2 dialogue options for 80% of the game?), designs, and gameplay. They have the audacity to say they are only trying to make the best RPG story possible.

Again, what makes me mad is that they will get a way with it, easily. Even worse is that some fans will give them a free pass all because "its Bioware, they can do no wrong."

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