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And you know what? I have faith that after Dragon Age 2, SWTOR to some degree and now ME3 more and more people will have realized that Bioware's reputation as being impeccable has been long gone. I think all the scandals and outrages surrounding ME3 have hurt the credibility of the BW brand more than the actually game can redeem in the long run. Sure ME3 will still earn EA a ton of money but at the same time I think they're continuously running one of their flagships into the ground in the long term.
I have zero faith though, especially since you have a legion of game "reviews" site throughout the web that give inflated scores based on hype. So long as sites give inflated misleading scores people will think that products, no matter how flawed, are amazing. Nevermind the developers copy and pasted from google images or cut content to make it DLC, because its 9.5

I do not even have to read IGN to know what it will give.

For ME3 it is going to be 9.5/10 "GOTY, best written RPG evar!!!What's a Planescape Torment? Multiplayer and explosions hell yeah!"

edit: Just looked at IGN, Me3 is a 95...

To be clear, I am not saying no one will enjoy ME3 nor am I griping on anyone for enjoying ME3. I just do not think things were handled right, specifically using google images for designs. Furthermore, I doubt companies will ever have to worry when review sites throw out inflated scores, thus giving the image that everything is dandy.

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