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Originally Posted by Kna View Post
There's one you could call antagonist.. in a sense... I guess, Morisaki.
Mr. d-bag managed to rub me the wrong way every time I see him.

although I must say I'm glad I didn't see him showing his face in Yokohama
Yeah, Morisaki the d-bag. God I hate that guy. I was absolutely beaming when I heard he got knocked out of commission in the Monolith Competition. Tatsuya's victories would only further rub it in his face.

Edit: Btw, Morisaki the d-bag was knocked out of commission because he got hit from a magic induced- falling rubble from a building. What a fitting way to get knocked out of commission.

And Enigmatic might have already included this in his file, but this rough Google translate (done by Enigmatic) showed more of this novel's kick-ass glory.
Spoiler for Tatsuya handling the hostage situation in Web 3:

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