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On another note, is it me, or are they hinting that Scheherezade isn't an magi? I mean, she calls Aladdin a real magi. Why would she call him that way if she's a magi too? Unless she isn't a real magi, but a fake one.
Just another thing to add, in that Sindbad story, when he was born, Scheherazade was shown with Mogamett and Gyokuren, who are both strong magicians, but only Yunan seemed to know more than 'someone with great power is born'.

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Yeah, and Mu totally didn't bring an army to force people to abide by his will.
That's what humans do, but Aladdin is a magi, they are supposed to guide the world.
If he forced his way, people would just question why they should revere and follow his guidance, if he isn't any better than others.
They'd question if the way he and his king candidates chose will truly lead to a better future.
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