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Originally Posted by Raviel View Post
I think, not one of magi we've been shown can truly be said to be "guiding" humanity.
Aladdin was doing a pretty good job until the Harry Potter arc. He had found his king candidate and was helping him become a good king. That's what guiding humanity means, since the ones who have to make the decisions in the human realm are the kings, not the magi. The magi are just meant to teach and guide the kings.

Certainly the magi shouldn't fight human wars, since it goes against the reason Solomon created them to begin with. Aladdin himself knows he's fucking up, and that's why he tries to amend himself by saying he won't kill anyone. Of course, whether he kills anyone or not won't matter if he ends up forcing the humans to comply with him anyway.

I suppose we'll have to wait and see what he's got up his sleeve.
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