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Ginkaku and Kinkaku,Hasirama and Tobirama,they are biological brothers and their names rhyme.The only other biological sibs i can think of are Uchia,and their names do not rhyme.It is my theory that sibs with non-rhyming names have bad attitudes.Wait, Gara,Konkuro,and Tamari are they biological sibs?They don't have rhyming names,but they did have bad attitudes though.

And then there's Minato and Naruto,both names end with o.I bet Obito and Kabuto are Minato's illegitimate children.And even Nagato too,we know Minato has a thing for red heads.

My questions then are,

1.Would Sasuke be happier if his name was Sasuchi?

2.Was Minato a player ?
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