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Originally Posted by Linker
Radar won' work well in space because of its enormous power requirements. Radiation spread spherically therefore subject to inverse square law, as distance increase power requirement to maintain same radar reception quality is twice the distances squared (twice since it has to go to the target and back), then you have to deal with pinpointing which direction the reflected radar came from, 0.1 degrees off and you can be off by a few million kilometers.
Don't forget weird tricks gravity can pull in space (even bend light)
pinpointing a deflection over a certain distance would be useless
better would be a "tripwire" system but the size (and powerrequierments) needed
would be even bigger to make it efficient

I'd say drop mines over half the galaxy,... everything that'll try to come through
-comet or battlecruiser- would be noticed, and no longer be a problem
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