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1. I know for a lot of you that the thought of making two different releases, such as one in .AVI and one in .MKV, can give cold sweats and ulcers due to the time investment involved for very little return. I used not to really pay this much mind until I started to re-encode some releases into a format my husband's PSP and/or Zune would handle. On one hand I loved the high-quality .MKV releases but on the other hand I wound up having to keep a glass of scotch nearby just to get thru some of the fustration I would encounter where things would either fail to extract or would fail to re-encode. And after reading some of the "MKV is Rox00rs! RTFM nub!" or worse I would instead wind up having to scour for .AVI or .MP4 releases just to lower the fustration level. Do you feel that the .MKV container benefits outweigh the loss of being able to easily port to different devices?
I love mkv chapters. Nothing beats being able to skip the OP/ED at the click of a button.
Now i haven't done any reencoding myself but people tell me it's easy with avisynth + directshowsource().

3. As some of you may or may not know (or heck even care possibly) Microsoft is slated to release the Spring Update this week which will add H.264 video support (Up to 10 Mbps, Baseline, Main, and High (up to level 4.1) Profiles with 2 channel AAC LC and Main Profiles) and MPEG-4 Part 2 video support (Up to 5 Mbps, Simple Profile with 2 channel AAC LC and Main Profiles). Do any of you feel that by adding this support it may make things easier for future releases by widening the base of support available? Or do you feel that it provides no benefit at all?
If M$ doesn't screw up and deliver what they promise this can be great for the standalone people. I'm guessing they'll use mp4, so those releases should play back by themselves. mkv is easily remuxed to mp4, so no problem there either. Couple that with the fact that there's no ASP support (hence no xvid) it will probably get some people to download h.264 releases instead of xvid. So overall this might be good for h.264 adoption.
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