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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
The mechanics and hardware for androids are moving along faster than research into AI. Sentience is part of the class of Hard Problems. I tend to think the AI problem can, in principle, be solved but it isn't just a matter of faking it or programming enough IF statements. Neural core simulations show promise but we're still playing with Legos rather than building skyscrapers. My suspicion is that the first true self-motivated androids will have a core system of organic neural tissue (brainzzz). They will have to be *taught* (educated) and *raised* (given a value system).

Genetic enhancement (or at least *repair*) is already happening but on an individual basis. I think if you told a general population that certain problems (e.g. obesity) could be eliminated with it -- they'd be onboard for that. So, "super race" is likely to happen incrementally rather than as a concerted task, and the benefits likely spread throughout the population. Eliminating acne would be high on any teenager's list I assume

It isn't possible to be "immune to disease" (that's where we move into High Fantasy)... viruses are superb at mutating and adapting. We can eliminate a lot of the old weaknesses - but there will always be a response.

Ok, that's something to think about. So, in your opinion, how far in android technology should we go before we need to apply the brakes? We're already at Stage 4 (in first post), so how far?
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