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Originally Posted by ShimatheKat View Post
Mainly it's a legal issue. Will the governments around the world allow it or not? And thus, would YOU want YOUR government to allow it? Singapore is a good barometer. It's halfway in between liberal and conservative. (At least, the current one is, LKY and Goh were very conservative-but that's not too surprising for a nascent nation of 30 at that time)

So, would YOU?
I don't know, really. In Gundam Seed, the first generation of Co-ordinators was created in secret, or at least without extensive public knowledge. Once it came out into the open, the problem cannot be dismissed out of hand.

So, whether I'll accept it really depends on how the situation unfolds. If the Co-ordinators just suddenly announce their presence on the media, then after the shock, we'll have to accept that the rice has already been cooked.
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