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Usual warning in regards to my translations: This is based on the Chinese translation, so corrections will be much appreciated!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 2

07 - Lightning Tai
Lightning Squad

Bureau Personnel: Well then, Officer/Enforcer, please look after it again next time.
Fate: Yes, same to you, thanks for your help.
Erio and Caro: Excuse us.
Bureau Personnel: Take care.
Fate: Shari, how's your side?
Shari: Ah, I'm going to spend my time here, you go ahead.
Fate: Really?
Shari: Just so happens that Lightning Squad's two Fowards are already tired.
Erio: Sorry
Caro: Thank you
Fate: Ah, it's almost dusk, we spent too much time, didn't we.
Erio: Yeah
Caro: The sunset's really beautiful, isn't it?
Fate: I still have some time after leaving the Ground Forces HQ, the two of you don't have any work to do, do you?
Caro: Yeah
Erio: We're fine
Fate: In that case, we should go have dinner, right?
Caro and Erio: Ha~, yes
Fate: We'll go have your favorite egg dish. Alto recommended a good restaurant to me.

Fate: The two of you work very hard, are you okay?
Erio: Yes, we're doing our best.
Caro: Everyone says that we work very well together with Subaru-san and Tea-san.
Fate: Though what I say may be a bit strange, but you Forwards are a very good group, regardless if it's just a combination of you two or all four of you together.
Erio: Recently, team battles practices with random combinations have also been increasing. (unsure)
Caro: Like me with Subaru-san, or Erio-kun with Teana-san.
Fate: I see... You know, the truth is, the three of us doing things like this, eating and resting together, it might be nice if we could do more of it...
Erio: Ah, no, Subaru-san and Teana-san are also there, it won't be good if only we get special treatment.
Fate: In the living quarters, Nahoha clearly has a single-person bedroom, but she also has a special precedent to live together with me like this
Erio: That has some reasons after all
Caro: So there'll be guardians so she won't act like a spoiled child (unsure)
Fate: Sort... of
Erio: According to Shari-san and Vice Captain Signum, once the Relic incident and the incidents afterwards are settled smoothly, and the operation period of Riot Force Six is over, we could have a restful life.
Caro: So everyone should work hard to settle this incident, so we could have a restful life with no more problems.
Fate: Un, once the incident's settled, we will have a very long vacation.
Erio: Once the Relic incident is over and Scaglietti's captured, right?
Fate: Un
Caro: Fate-san is always chasing after criminsals. Once you arrest him, we may finally take a vacation without worries
Fate: Ah, un, certainly
Erio: We should also do our best, shouldn't we, Caro?
Caro: Un, Erio-kun!
Fate: Ah, well, but letting the two of you go too all out at work isn't very good either.
Caro: Ehehe, that's true.
Fate: After we eat the tasty omellete and dessert, let's take it easy today, okay?
Caro and Erio: Yes!
Alto: This is Riot Force Six, Long Arch 01. We have an emergency!
Fate: This is Lightning. What's the situation?
Alto: Gadgets have been spotted over the coastline. 12 Type Is and 18 flying Type IIs. They're positioned at Coastal Area 7.
Caro: There are civilians living there.
Alto: And there're no reactions from a Relic...
Fate: Although it's pretty far, we're closer there compared to Riot Force 6. We're dispatching!
Alto: Yes, please do.
Fate: Erio, Caro, I'm sorry, but work comes first.
Caro and Erio: Yes!
Caro: Alto-san, please issue air clearance. Since Fried is also here, it'll be faster if we fly.
Alto: Yes! Permitting Fate-san and Fried to fly over the city areas.
Fate: Bardiche
Erio: Strada
Caro: Kerykeion
All three: Set up!
Caro: Come forth, my dragon, Friedrich. Dragon Soul Summon!
Erio: The movement in enemy's side is strange. Nothing's moving over there.
Caro: The positions of the Type Is and Type IIs are strange too. Don't appearing Gadgets usually roam around?
Fate: This is good if that's the case. Don't lower your guard.
Caro and Erio: Yes
Fate: Let's go
Kerykeion: Safety confirmation
Caro: I've confirmed that it's safe to fire. Fried, Blast Ray!
Erio: Five have been shot down, the remaining are mine. Strada!
Strada: Explosion!
Caro: What I ask for is the protection of a fortress. Be the silver shield for this young lance knight.
Kerykeion: Boost up: Defense Gain.
Erio: Thanks, Caro. With this, I have no worries...
Strada: Stahlmesser!
Erio: Concentrated attack!
Fate: Ha~!
Bardiche: Harken Saber
Alto: 13 units shot down!
Fate: Un
Caro: Fate-san
Fate: Caro, Erio's not with you...
Caro: The 12 ground units are already destroyed. Erio-kun will come right away.
Erio: Altitude's 110. Can you fly that high, Strada?
Strada: Ja!
Erio: Towards Fried's position... Here goes!
Strada: Start!
Fate: Erio! He used Strada to fly this high...
Caro: Fried, we must catch Erio-kun perfectly!
Caro: Erio-kun, you all right?
Erio: Un, Caro!
Caro: Un! Perfect landing!
Erio: Un
Strada: Danke, mein freund.
Fate: That... That was frightening. You were already able to do this kind of thing?
Caro: Yeah. He got it from Nanoha-san recently and he's allowed to practice it in battle.
Erio: Although it's not exactly like Subaru-san's Wing Road in terms of maneuverability, I can already roughly adjust its direction.
Fate: That's great.
Alto: The five remaining units are scattering to escape.
Erio: We're going after them.
Caro: We'll pursue the two units on that side.
Fate: Un, please do so. Be careful!
Caro and Erio: Yes!

Subaru: Oh, Erio and Caro are really competent.
Teana: Yeah, their actions are better than they were during practice.
Nanoha: Un
Alto: All have been confirmed as shot down. No reinforcements. Stars squad, alert level C, please be on temporary stand-by and await orders.
Everyone: Roger!
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