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wingzerosnuggles, you've got some glaring issues with your initial post. I'll clarify.

First, Yoshiyuki Tomino does not consider Gundam Ace canon. Canon is not even a Japanese word. Even if he did consider it official, his word means nothing. Sunrise has more or less mandated that if it isn't animated (a la series, movie or OVA), then it isn't official. There are varying degrees of "gray" that manga and games fall in, but for the most part they aren't recognized as official.

Second, Newtype and Gundam ACE are two separate publications. Ngee Khiong mislabeled the Gundam Wing pages as coming from Newtype when they are from Gundam Ace.

So why do people fight, anyway?
Perhaps the meaning of existence lies within their will to fight.
People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle.
And itís also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.
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