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Well, I already responded to that point in-depth before, but let's have another stab at it. At least it raises my post-count.

First off, if I had any actual money to spend on stuff I could not understand ( which means, if I suddenly won the lottery or got any other kind of impressive financial boost ), then I would buy the products. I don't download to snub my nose at the work and livelyhood of those people, I do it because I can't spend the needed money.

Secondly, to this is added the problem that Macross really isn't available in some sort of translated fashion, outside of scanlations and fan-subs. I blame Harmony Gold for being insufferable greedy dicks.

As to other anime, there are few which have made as much of a lasting impression to be considered "buy" material. Record of Lodoss War, Full Metal Panic, Escaflowne, Hellsing TV, Utawarerumono ... all of them are good, but not to the point I'd want them as DVD's. I mostly buy books, because re-reading them tickles my imagination more than re-watching a series. Macross Frontier is a notable exception to that.
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