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This episode get a 5/10, below average, and I wanted to rate it even lower.

The show's humor has gotten stale quite fast, the character development has slowed to a snail's pace, and once again, I do not appreciate all these hints of wincest.

First of all the episode felt very disjointed in its presentation. It went form the merry life of Kirino and Kuroneko to this novel "data" plotline, which just gave the impression that they were trying to stuff as much storyline as possible in this episode. In other words, episode felt cramped.

Furthermore, now that Kirino's friend and family know about her hobby, what is the next issue they are going to target? Sure, we can follow around this bitchy sister around as she explores the anime world, but when we have something like Genshiken out there, what incentive do I have to continue this show if not for a more mediocre presentation of the same topic?

I was under the impression that this show was about two things: A brother and sister salvaging their sibling relationship through the accidental discovery of her "strange" hobby, and second, how the sister confronts the world that rejects her hobby.

Sure, she had a confrontontation with her father, and her friend, in which her brother prostrates himself to help her, and then we get a "thank you for now, but I'll be a bitch again later" tsundere reaction. But if that is the limit of this show, I'm simply going to be left disappointed.

For one thing it has honestly gotten tiresome how "tsundere" Kirino acts in front of everyone. Every scene now is just her bossing her brother around and acting like an attention freak for some reason that they're intentionally keeping under the surface. I'm sorry, but someone who has practically prostrated themselves does not deserve such treatment. If there's a reason we don't know, stop beating around the bush and get to it.

I realize this is based on a light novel, but the way they're presenting the anime at the very least, makes the plot seem slow and dragged on. If you're a 1 cour show, you need to do better to quicken your plot.
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