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Just thought that Kirino and Kuroneko have an interesting relationship in that in their literature, Kirino thinks Kuroneko should be raped and die, and Kuroneko thinks Kirino should be turned into a sex slave. We don't know who Kirino thinks should rape and kill Kuroneko, but Kuroneko thinks Kirino should be Shikkoku's (Maschera's main character) sex slave. Oddly enough, the picture in Kuroneko's book shows the main character from behind, with a hair style that could very easily be Kyousuke's. So, are the two imagining Kyousuke as the perpetrator? Starting to get a little uncomfortable with these two.
Well..... Shikkoku is the character that Ruri cosplays as. Strangely enough, the main male character does resemble Kyousuke originally.....
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