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This show has really been pushing the limits of how much I can likely tolerate the boundaries of "hating the ones we love", but the latter half pushed that up another notch.

At this point in the series we are in dire need of believable validation of why in the hell Kirino acts the way she does and treats her brother as such. Speculation about their past is all well and fine, but without context as to her actions it's getting hard to digest and accept her character. We've been getting this since day one, but halfway into the run we still don't see much a palatable basis as to why their relationship and treatment of each other is strained like this. Why is she able to act like his dominatrix and why does he prostrate himself to her whims. There has to be a reason because it makes no sense for something to go this far and not have a reason to. Maybe any reason, as long as it is believable, would be fine. I wouldn't even mind if it's Kyousuke's fault it's this way. All I want is some context. Watching him become her human doormat is getting hard to accept, and it's getting hard for me to not root for Kyousuke completely and dislike his sister if I don't know why the hell they have such a bad relationship in the first place.

As for Kirino, she's either the best actress Kyousuke's ever seen, or maybe she does have more pangs of conscience and civility towards him than we usually see. I really hope it's the latter.
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