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And so the love triangle has reached the point where its 1 or the other. Im betting by the looks of the next ep sugata is going to cut ties with wako and our galactic pretty boy.

Originally Posted by Sanger Zonvolt View Post
Hoping Takuto loses against Sugata, he needs to be humbled a bit.

At this point he is feeling much too powerful, barely struggling if at all in his victories.
Im almost 100% sure he will, or something else that leaves the battle undecided will happen. Either way it wont be in anyway humbling for takuto IMO. More so it will be a plot thickener. He has struggled, he would have had a seriously hard time with that girl that could read all his movements if not for her "checking him out" scene. Do try and remeber he is a stage 2 cybody, while the others could be lesser stages.
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