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Originally Posted by ellifeedn View Post
There is a point to disciples fighting. Disciples represent the pride and honor of their masters and that's what is at stake when they fight. Their fights may not be as immense or as important to the world as fights between masters, but on a personal level it is.

And there is significance to Kenichi. He disrupted the status quo since the beginning and that has rippled throughout many groups of fighters.
Hate to say it, but pride and honor mean jack when the world is at stake. Then again, this is a manga and I'm trying to apply real world logic to it. Doesn't keep me from face-palming at the fact that Kenichi's development has slowed to a crawl these past 100 chapters or so while the masters are doing 90% of the actual work.

And it's not helped by the fact that even regular masters are so massively overpowered, it doesn't look like Kenichi would ever have any hope of touching one, even after 50 more years of training. Some of these masters aren't much older than him, yet they're so far beyond him, it's not even funny. Unless he gets some random, Bleach-like power up out of nowhere, the mangaka's got to speed his growth up a bit.... or he'll never be more than a disciple, which is disappointing. The last thing I want to see is "Kenichi, the 90 year old disciple!"
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