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Originally Posted by Rasuberi
I guess this is kind of strange for me to ask, but I have a request for any of you here. My request is for you to give me your requests. ?

I am completetely at loss for any ideas, but I'd like to draw a picture for each of the female characters in SHnY, as well as a group picture. All the character designs are just wonderful, and I love them all (especially Tsuruya). And since I have no ideas on how to draw them, does anyone here have any requests as how I should draw them? If you have any ideas on a situation, pose, outfit (I like designing outfits so it doesn't have to be one from the series already), etc. that you'd like drawn, please let me know. I hope for everyone to give me 3 possible ideas for each character so I can choose one I like (in total, I'm not expecting anyone to give me 3 ideas for each character). I need to be able to choose since I'm picky.

When I say the female characters I think of Haruhi, Mikuru, Yuki, Tsuruya, Ryouko, Emiri, Imouto, random meganekko with wavy hair, or whomever else you would want drawn.

Thank you very much~
I would like to see SHnY parodies of Higurashi....

In fact.... I would like to see that in a OVA

Spoiler for Ideas for parody/drawing:

Spoiler for EDIT, I remember why I laughed during the Keiichi/Mion scene:

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