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This was an amazing episode. They'd been building up to something for a long time now, and I was not the least bit disappointed. Well, of course I was a little disappointed that all of my idols were shot, but the episode itself was splendid.

The heart of Higurashi seems to be friendship and trust, which really puts things in perspective, with all the violence, bloodshed and murders that take place. Keiichi's such an awesome guy, he never fails to impress me.

All that aside, Takano is truly evil. There's really no redeeming qualities to her, she'll do anything to reach her selfish goals, and more-so, she enjoys hurting others along the way. She'd make a good Oyashiro-sama, I guess, but I think we're better off without him/her. :<
I felt really good when Rena confronted her, and when Rika told her she'd etch these memories into her soul and come back for Takano, I was ecstatic, since I know it's true. The episode is well worthy of a 10/10.
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