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Originally Posted by Kakkou View Post
So according to an interview between the director and everyone's favourite series composer Yoshino Hiroyuki in the same link with the summaries, their anime original development boils down to:

"We felt Alibaba was too emotionally mature so we stunted his his growth compared to the manga so that he'd be on equal footing with Hakuryu. Also we know Hakuryu is the main character of the Zagan arc in the manga but since this a two cour anime we decided to keep [the narrative] coherent by focusing on Alibaba's emotions instead." (e.g. not suddenly have a new main character in the last 8 eps)

^ NOT a direct quote, just my own TL;DR.

In other words, he could have said "We feel that the manga characters behave too logical and mature for a shounen manga so we decided to dumb him down for our own taste. Oh guess what ? We also throw a way 70 chapters worth of his character developement because it's too good for the series!".

Seriously, this feel like one of M.Night Shyamalan's reply about his Airbender movie, it could be summed up like this: " Those things will make the movie too good and it will distract viewer from my story" -.-
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