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Overlapping screenshots on top of the article illustrations are nothing new to Japanese anime magazines. I know because I own a few of issues of Animage myself, which is the magazine the information is sourced from. That was for the interview anyway. The most important one is this pic, which is where the final episode summaries come from. Looks plenty legit to me but if anyone's still doubting this I could always hop down the store that sells Japanese magazines and have a look for myself, but it looks like they may not have that issue in stock yet.

Also it's guaranteed to end this season, as Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is set to take over it's timeslot next season. Whether we'll get any more after this is anyone's guess, though if they're gonna go original the chances are slim. Maybe a movie like AoEx did at best.
Honestly, it still sounds like bull to me. Yeah, it might be moving, but ever consider they are a.) going on a hiatus, b.) changing time slots? c.) airing on another channel? It's not uncommon and it's happened many a time before. Hiatus is more likely just so they know for a fact they don't catch up to the manga, which is happening faster than expected. The next arch is going to go EXTREMELY quickly, and it's also a major major arch in the series. I'm sure that is not something they want to mess with and screw up. They need more info before they continue, but this last episode just seems like bull. I doubt they would have Alibaba go 'black' considering that did not happen in the manga and I doubt with an anime so popular it's legit.

That's just me, we'll all have to just wait and see. All I'm saying is all of the official sites haven't stated an ending, and that's where I've gotten all of my sources for years. Until they come out with something, I don't believe it. There's not a 'dramatic conclusion to' 'series ending' or some other title that will eventually pop up. I search the web, all I get is people spouting nonsense about an ending without anything absolutely official to back it up. Most authors, producers, etc officially state that a series is ending and let all of their dubbing studios know as well, both of which will occur, or have occurred, in America, Europe, and Australia. Therefore, Aniplex hasn't even begun to say something, and they post videos up each week. I don't see why they would end in a not-so-important arc, let alone in the MIDDLE of it, with something so rushed and stupid. With an anime as popular as Magi, I think they'd know better than that.

This even happened very recently with the manga D. Gray-Man. Everyone thought it was canceled and started freaking out, and truth was it was only going on Hiatus, but because the magazine got canceled and she decided to take a break, they all automatically assumed that means it was over and done with, when it wasn't.
All I'm saying is don't count your chickens before they hatch.
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