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^Admittedly, part of the reason he can't be understood (probably the largest part) is the fact that he can change every few years into someone completely new. So, even if they do reveal a name for the Doctor, that doesn't necessarily mean the overall mystery of the character will suffer, though the mystique will be somewhat lessened.

That being said, good episode. Sadly, while the Cybermen are actually turned into a decent threatening force for the first time in seemingly decades (I've always though the Cybermen were one of the more frightening monsters, if only because they didn't want to kill like so many others, but rather control and forcibly convert. Sadly they seldom get good enough story lines, and often times find themselves playing second fiddle to other threats.), the episode suffers from pacing issues and for Clara being a little too OOC (she has spent the last however many episodes being scared or at least cautious when not with the doctor, but now she can lead a platoon of fighters and develop battle strategies?), not to mention the random children who serve no purpose other than an occasional one-liner. Still, with Matt Smith turning in a grand performance and Warwick Davis quite literally commanding the stage around him, this was a very good episode for the actors even if there were significant problems throughout. Maybe if this wasn't a penultimate episode, I would have liked it more...82/100.
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