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HI! I'm sorta kinda new, I've always browsed her for fun. My real name is Jason. I hail from North Carolina, USA. I've got alot of European roots, primarily dominate is German. It's boring here, so I occupy myself with the internet, and anime. I'm a Sophomore(well almost a Junior with the school year almost over) at my district High School. I love almost any kind of music, except for country and some rap. I have many names, most commonly, Bandit, Punky Monkey(cause of my rock/punk style of dress), and KC(KingdomCloud). I'm currently invovled with someone, for almost 2 year now. *pats his own back* If only you knew the pain she puts me through, lol, PMS!

But I look forward to becoming an active part of the Animesuki Community. Alle Hagel KC and HASEO!
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