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Decent ending but i expected the final showdown to have a little more umph behind it. It felt like after the Kid, Blackstar fight Maka's fight just fizzled. I understand the message they were portraying but still i just was not feeling it. It was nice to see everything worked out in the end.

It was obvious why Maka was a weapon when she was knocked out. Look at her father is and then there is her mother the best Meister EVER its not surprise. But I would love to see her control it and learn how to use that power. After a few years her blackstar and kid would be Deathsycthes and kid would take over for his dad eventually.

I didnt like how the other students just got no more screen time even after they were shown in the ending. I loved watching those 3 fight and that Aphex Twin attack was SICK.

I liked the series it was a fun ride just fizzled out for me in the end.
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