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Okay, I didnīt like the last 5-10 episodes, but the very last of them were kinda good. This ending didnīt show us an epic battle, but perfectly shows the insanity and how special this anime is. I mean courage, just like madness, is within everybody. It is the total opposite and the only way to encounter madness. The villian neither killed by some special abilities nor bonds between friends forming an ultra special move, but courage to face fear, which is the source of madness. Kishin irritated by her determination, not understanding, not being able to grasp the meaning and also shattered through his own insanity. And in the end, is is not something special....everyone has it. Courage.

Now the whole series wasnīt perfect, but those last episodes did make up for it. An truly epic battle would be awesome and something are not explained, but this is a loveable and touching ending, atleast for me. Oh one more thing. Did you guys checked the OneManga-Rank of Soul Eater? I donīt know which rank it exactly was, but it went from something like over 100 to 15. That means, this series has its fans. Show your respect to it my friends. May the Otaku spirit be with you.
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