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Hmm a little confused. Can someone explain this to me?

If Rukako said that she accidentally broke the IBN5100 in THIS timeline by cleaning the shrine shack or whereever it was, if Kyouma just sends a d-mail to Rukako to not clean that day or make sure she doesn't break that ibn5100, or asks her to bring the ibn5100 to him a year earlier, wouldn't this issue be solved?

I feel like I'm missing something, so someone please point that out for me. Otherwise, fun episode to watch

okay looks like someone above already asked this question. Whoops, but in response to that answer, I don't know man, it's always MUCH easier for him to cancel out his own d-mail as all he has to do is just send one to himself that says "don't send that, that was a message from SERN", and he would revert that dmail AND Then use the number rukako had given him. It's always easier for him to counter his own d-mail, but not so much other's dmails. So he could've at least given it a try was my thought.
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