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There are as usual lots of speculation and question remaining, like how is it that Ruka just like Feyris (looks like my speculation of her having a special ability is false) can remember the previous world line. But aside from all the serious stuff, this episode is even a more light-hearted one than the last, and I thoroughly enjoyed it for that.

The first half is basically pure fun - seeing Okabe getting all awkward in preparing the date and especially during the date really fits his character and it's pretty fun to see him out of his element. But the star of the show is most definitely Kurisu, her interactions with Okabe alone is pure gold. Their childish bickering always makes me laugh (especially her new nickname, American Virgin), and having her following Okabe is definitely making the date much less painful (in a cringey sort of way) to watch.

The end though, really hits me hard for some reason. Despite the lack of time spent together or really developed reason for it, I can really see that Ruka is truly and deeply in love with Okabe, and as such making her decision to let go of all that really heartbreaking. Kudos for the writing, the atmosphere and the VA as well for that powerful scene, not only as a great scene for Ruka but it further shows Okabe's determination and how hard it is for him to remember everything alone.

So yeah, in RPG terms, the mid-boss is already defeated, now time to fight the final boss herself, Killyou Moeka. I can't even begin to fathom how is it that Okabe can convince Moeka to sabotage her whole operation by giving him the info of her D-Mail, even contacting her seems difficult at this point what's with SERN agents around her. As such, the next episode will definitely be a lot more serious and frantic and unpredictable, which will definitely make it a blast to watch.
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