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Originally Posted by chaos_animagic View Post
Yup, this series basically starts at same time line as original Saki.

Tho... later on...
Spoiler for later on, what I think:
It also appears that Nodoka remained stringent against "coincidence". After experiencing the "Occult" mind-set, you'd think she'd be experienced enough to recognize it at the high school level.

Oh well. These kinds of continuities... I'll be looking at very closely with this series.

And Miss "Dora Magnet". Hmm, now you have to wonder: "Where did she go after 'grade school'?"

EDIT: OK. Now that I got to the end. Things are making sense. XD

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Monday. I scored my first Yakuman using real tiles. And it was Ryu Iiso -- without any of the Hatsu. It was glorious! Kekekekekekek

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