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Originally Posted by Thelastguardian
to locate a tiny flame of hope in the rubble and fan it madly with a big hat.
Therefore I am praising it as much as possible.
If you consider its popularity right now, compared to when the first volume was released almost 3 years ago, I'd say Suzumiya Haruhi managed to burn on brightly quite well.

It's another story with the English community though, of course.

Originally Posted by Thelastguardian
Then again, they have no literature value whasoever. Light novels, indeed.
Literature is literature, it doesn't matter what kind of writing it is. And the value of a piece of literature is never determined by any one person. A novel may be nothing more than a bore fest for one, but a life changing experience for another.

Suzumiya Haruhi's unique point is that while it doesn't seem very deep on the surface (comedies abound with all the characters getting themselves into all sorts of situations. Haruhi seems to be nuts all the time, Mikuru-chan always getting abused, Nagato always... reading (and the guys doing whatever they do) and things seems to be revolved around a ridiculous school club created for a nonsense reason), it's actually dotted with memorable, dramatic moments (especially when they come in heavily contrasted against the usual comedy) that makes you snap to attention. And for me, that makes this novel more interesting to read than a novel that's always focused on drama.

I'm listening through the backlog of SOS-dan Radio Branch right now. Surprisingly interesting. ^^
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