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Omg that was amazing, I can't believe they actually went with volume 2's movie as the opener. Oh, and I laughed so hard at everything. Kyon's constant tsukko... I mean narration, Koizumi's bouyomi, the teachers busting onto the roof... everthing.

And excellent job with the "home video" look, they got the wobbly camera, awkward zooms, bad picture quality (and I thought it was the anime itself at first), bad cuts, outside interruptions... they even got the overexposure/underexposure effect (like the cherry blossom scene in the end).

It's scary, I'm already 100% certain I'll be buying the DVD for this when it comes out, if only for this episode.

The next episode seems like it's finally going to backtrack to be beginning, can't wait. ^^ (By the way, are we going to count it as episode 1 like Haruhi says, or 2 like Kyon says?)
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