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Rules: After seeing the title, please do not, i repeat, DO NOT reply with links that go to the following:
- anything other than cosplay
- cosplay with men in girl costumes
- cosplay with fat, ugly white girls
- cosplay with fat ppl
- cosplay with ugly fat ppl
- cosplay with disgusting, hard to digest pics
- cosplay with nudity (enforced. ppl under 18 should be able to enjoy cosplay as much as we do)
- you get the idea. If not, leave now.
Please note that the statements above are not here to offend anyone. It's part of the rules. If you don't like it, leave. Do not waste your time complaining - you will be ignored.
I think that some people never read page one...

Eye clenser:

Ha NoSanninWa got to it before me. A reminder of the rules is probably a good thing though...
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