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Loved it... this episode falls into the category of "so good it makes time fly"... I mentally cursed when the credits rolled, thought there was like five minutes left. Next episode can't come soon enough.

Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
I personally think the wide distribution of ratings on this episode is a byproduct of the "identity crisis" I described this show having last week.

It seems the manner in which the show takes its twists and turns, from comedic, to serious, to zany, to sober is throwing people for a loop.
The way I see it, Hana-Saku Iroha's schtick is "bullheaded girl, chaotic world". Hence, little that has happened thus far has felt "out of nowhere" to me. While the show tries to be dramatic and poignant at times, the theme kind of demands a certain level of borderline absurdity.

For me, the surprising thing about this show is its ability to cause split opinions.

Originally Posted by The Sandman View Post
On the "Ren collapses under pressure" thing: why do you think he's working at Kissuiso instead of somewhere with more prestige and customers? It's not lack of skill, given that he's trained Tohru to a high enough standard to meet the approval of the other inn (whose name escapes me for the moment).
Sounds like a good explanation. He works at a small inn because he can't take stress.

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And why exactly is anybody listening to anything Takako says? Everything that comes out of her mouth is either pointless English or absolute idiocy, and I get the sense that she's been doing this since well before we first saw her. I swear to god, Tomoe should hook up with Enishi solely to remove Takako from the inn forever.
From what I saw it was mainly Enishi and Jiromaru supporting her, with everyone else being dragged along for the ride. I think they're both buying into it because they wish being successful was that easy.

Enishi/Tomoe could be amusing... it would make Tomoe Ohana's aunt, which could result in some amusing honourifics.

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