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Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
Right, and I'd agree with you ... except there was no need for a desperate reaction.

There were ways, equally efficient, to solve the problem of getting Tooru there and helping Ren without having Ohana going off like that. The problem is that she didn't think about it at all, and no one tried to help her in anyway other than giving her a bike.
It's fair to say that Ohana is impulsive.

She's very good at recognizing when problems are arising, and of developing a good general idea of how to rectify those problems, but her follow-through execution of all of that is a bit chaotic because she can let her emotions and sense of urgency get the best of her.

Sometimes this works out for the best anyway. Other times it doesn't.

In this instance, I'm prepared to say that Ohana didn't consider all the ways of getting in contact with Tohru, and hence just jumped into action, using the first idea that came to her.

I think that part of the issue is that while Ohana wants other people to like her, she doesn't really trust other people, and this can cause her to become overly self-reliant. And that's probably why her chosen method of reaching Tohru puts all the onus on her, and nobody else. This is another way in which she's like a certain denizen of Gotham City.

Does this all make it a bad or mistaken decision?

Well, I tend to judge decisions by their results, by if they work out or not. My sense is that things will work out here (i.e. Tohru will arrive back at the Inn to "save the day"), but I could be wrong of course.

You're judging Ohana's decisions by how logical and efficient they are, regardless of results. I think that's important, but for me, the ultimate results of a decision are what counts the most.

That's why we differ both on Ohana's "rushing off" decision in this episode, and on her decision a few episodes back to stampede into Fukuya in order to get Tohru back. If Ohana had not made that decision, she would have spared herself quite a bit of embarrassment, in my opinion. Not to mention sparing herself fanning the flames of added conflict between her and Minchi over Tohru.

But, in both cases, her decisions reflect a bull headed and impulsive nature for Ohana. If nothing else, I think we can appreciate how the anime has handled her character very well, and has made her character consistent.

See this is why I like you.

Ohana showing more and more Shonen-esq qualities means we are in for a good time.
I agree.

It's Ok. I was mostly joking there, lol


Well, I'm certain we will have more episodes like this one (just better) upcoming. I'm sure that once the show passes the mid way point, we will be getting the meaty portion of the show.


Anyway, I can certainly respect your desire for plot believability, and a desire to avoid plot contrivances.

I value that too, but I guess that at the end of the day, I'll usually let things slide a bit more if it means good drama.
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